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JULY 2018

It might be small, but it is loving the vast, sparkling harbour of Tauranga, spending its time as a companion to a yacht. With its family friendly features, it is getting plenty of use entertaining kids with water sports, as well as getting our clients and their guests from A to B.


This RIB really does have it all! A fun family boat, totally at home on Lake Taupo. With an extensive hobby and activities list, we were able to customise our clients boat to make them all achievable, including a bike rack system to access the best 'untouched' mountain bike trails.   


Keep and eye out for this exciting project as it comes to life this year. We have been secretly chipping away at a new and exciting RIB design that will be sure to turn heads in the Harbour!


Jet Ribs

If you're dreaming of having a boat that does it all, but wondering if such a boat is achievable, our New Zealand designed and made Jet RIB is for you. Packed full of features and capabilities you simply cannot get from an outboard rigid inflatable, our Jet RIBS are the epitome of versatility, style and fun.


"Good design is obvious,
great design is transparent"



Outboard Ribs

Every inch of these boats are designed for maximum comfort and practicality, while making no compromises for style and quality. Designed and made in New Zealand, using high quality European pontoon fabrics, choose from an extensive range of sizes and fit-outs. Whether that be a first boat to potter around the beach, a simple yacht tender, or a family boat, the opportunities are endless. Our large diameter pontoons offer added comfort and safety.

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Design is the purest form of problem solving. Throughout the boat design process, we are inspired to create products and accessories that not only make a boat practical, but also stylishly functional. We are constantly looking for ways to design and make things better and are are inspired by simple forms and materials. From good looking, comfortable seating, to small details such as anchor fairleads, there is always something on the drawing board. 


Start Your Adventure

New Zealand is surrounded by water. Our many coastlines, rivers, lakes and lagoons mean owning a boat is a rite of passage, but also a privilege. With so many options to explore, there is something for everyone.
We are a friendly bunch, always available for a chat on the phone, and welcome you to our showroom in Sockburn, Christchurch.

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Designed and made in New Zealand for premium quality and effortless style and comfort, King Watercraft's jet and outboard RIBs are unique. Incredible stability and exceptional handling, functionality compliments stylish fit-out and accessory design. 

Raised at the coastal end of a South Island river, it is no wonder that Will King, director of King Watercraft became passionate about boats at a young age. With a strong eye for design and a true 'maker', architectural design lead to marine design and King Watercraft was born.