Outboard RIB Models

2.8  |  3.1 |  3.6

Compact Tenders

Small and nimble, but not afraid to do the work, our compact tenders offer all the performance and quality of a larger tender, tied up in a small package to neatly fit your yacht davit or boat shed. Taking you places that others can't go, the possibilities are endless. Whether it is a first boat for teaching the young, or a work horse for the yacht, we can design yours to suit.


3.6 |  4.0  |  4.3

Classic console RIBs

Standard in size, but not in personality. These classic console RIBs can be fitted out and customised to suit your adventure desires, with limitless possibilities. Whether you spend your time diving, fishing, getting from dock to bach, or skiing the calm open waters with the kids, these RIBS are bullet proof. Safe and durable, you can enjoy the thrills with uncompromising reliability and stability.


4.8  |  5.2 

Large Sport RIBs

If size does matter, the possibilities are endless with our large sport RIBs. Smooth and spacious, they cruise around a harbour, or carve through a swell with ease. Their setup and fit-out can be customised to suit your adventures and it is brilliant at taking heavy loads as it is at pulling a waterskier. Function, fun, or both with everything in between, you can't go wrong.