4.8 Outboard Rib

A classic 4.8 Outboard to suit this families lifestyle and watersports activities in the Southern Lakes.

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2019 Jet Tenders

2019 has seen us building a number of little pocket rocket tenders for launches and yachts based in the North and South Islands. Bespoke design enables us to customise tenders to suit the needs of our amazing customers, as well as the specifications and requirements for the boats they are servicing.

A sleek and simple 3.6 lives in the south, now spending its time on a catamaran in the Marlborough Sounds as a tender and more. Watersports are important to this family, especially skiing, meaning it was imperative that this wee number could perform not just getting from A-B, but as a sports craft as well.

Another slick and sexy black carbon pontoon tender is destined for Auckland waters. With a bespoke folding canopy design, our clients are looking forward to getting on the water this summer! You can get a close up look at this at the Auckland On Water Boat Show. 3rd-5th October.

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3.6 Classic Console Rib

It might be small, but our client has great plans for this little number. Headed for the vast, sparkling harbour of Tauranga, it will spend its time as a companion to a yacht. With its family friendly features, it will get plenty of use entertaining kids with water sports, as well as getting our clients and their guests from A to B. Its layout is spacious and well considered, accomodating seating for 4 people. It has 3 storage compartments and a dry locker in the console. It is driven by a Suzuki 30hp, giving it plenty of power to get all the gear to the yacht, as well as a whole lot of get-up-and-go for activities! 

4.3 Coaching Rib


With a huge community of secondary school and regional rowing clubs in Christchurch, we have had a number of briefs to design specialised coaching vessels that can easily be managed by one person at a low planning speed and track slowly behind a rowing boat.  The Rangi example above is packed in a huge amount of safety features including, handholds and rope grabs for a full rowing crew, should their rowing boat capsize, and lots of storage to fit fire extinguishers, life vests a flare kit and survival kits. With a super quiet 30hp 4 stroke motor, this boat drew plenty of attention from onlookers and spectators during events.  


Lake Taupo Jet 4.8

The latest custom built King Watercraft 4.8 jet tender has been designed for ultimate family fun and adventure. With accessories and functionality for trout fishing, mountain biking and water sports, Lake Taupo is the perfect playground. 

Its large diameter pontoons offer exceptional stability, good lift in the bow in a following sea and a dry ride in rough water, comfortably carrying 4 people. 

The convenience and safety of its jet unit means access and drivability is a breeze. Its steering agility allows it to be easily manoeuvred on the beach or up to a jetty to make use of the large swim platform, while also coming to life in the shallow gravel bars of a river! It has a low planing speed making handling very easy, while also having plenty of power when needed. 

It is fitted with a down rigger mount on the pontoon, power socket in the anchor locker for an electric trolling motor and a custom mountain bike rack to carry 3 full sized bikes. The console layout also features USB and power sockets, a GME vhf radio, Fusion bluetooth sound system and a Raymarine Dragonfly GPS fish finder. 

This King Watercraft 4.8 jet ticks so many boxes with its unique and usable design for all ages, challenging the saying ‘you can’t get a boat that can do everything’.